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About Me

About Shawna


Shawna has been happily married to her husband Ryan since 2011 and lives in Hartland Michigan with their French Bulldog Bandit.  Shawna has been photographing professionally since 2012.  Before her career in photography, she worked on getting her Bachelors degree in fine art at Eastern Michigan University.  During Collage Shawna worked as a Head lifeguard and Swim Instructor specializing in extreme fear cases for both children and adults along with working with special needs children.

When Shawna is not photographing she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends on the lake fishing, swimming and relaxing.

Photography is an art

and a passion

ever changing and evolving

Fresh Skills & Perspective

As a student of photography and graphic design Shawna is always growing and changing to stay ahead of the industry while delivering an elegantly modern final product.

She is always continuing her education to give her clients the next best thing. With Shawna also being a Graphic Artist, this helps her deliver a new and different look to her portraits.

Her Specialties

  • Senior Portraits
  • Senior Sports Composite Photography
  • Creating a Custom Photography experience